Hi there!
I'm Hannah, I'm nineteen and welcome to my blog.
It doesnt have a select theme and I'm never quite sure what I'm going to post which is fun for everyone involved.

I enjoy a wide variety of things including; wigs, makeup, desserts, cameras, castles and long walks on the beach (hypothetically).

I have a chronic illness that goes by the name of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and occasionally write posts about it, you can search for them here -> http://www.hxanou.co.uk/search/label/ME

v. uneducated lyk srsly its no joke i only have 2 gcses & thats it stay in skl kidz

I like glitter and bats and doughnuts and cookies and Fii and Chantel and complaining about tvshows on twitter and taking pictures of castles and uploading those photos of said castles onto instagram and spending way too much money on liz lisa clothes and going out to lunch, especially when the people I go to lunch with let me have dessert
and with that I am not quite sure how to end this. Maybe one day ill be lucky enough to have someone else write about me as Im sure they would do a much better job!!!!!

Have a nice day, as always, and thankyou for reading.