Stripes and spectacles

photos by Fii

Not too long ago I met up with Fii for a quick catch up, outfit photo sesh and a big goodbye before her big move halfway across the world. I knew exactly which outfit I wanted to go for, one that mixed my current style with the style that first brought us together. Although surprisingly, all of these items are from highstreet brands, not a jfashion brand in sight.

I got a whole bunch of clothes for Christmas, most of them pink and from Primark. Managed to stay away from fast fashion for the majority of 2016 but lost my way as the year ended.. Not totally my fault though, I can’t control Santa. He has a mind of his own.

The coat is the exact same style as the one in my previous post – but in pink. Very warm and I imagine was also picked up during the cool lil sale they had, hence the very nice price. The top however, I can’t give you a price for. Do we really care about prices though…? Its a nice top, not the warmest but appeals to the side of me that loves stripes. It also has a slight sparkle to it.

The skirt is my trusty button down from Forever 21 paired with a belt I *borrowed* from my mum. This combination is 10/10 would recommend. The boots were a pair I picked up from the River Island sale for £25, a suede material with quite a high heel but surprisingly not too bad to walk in.

I also found a pair of fake glasses in my car which I picked up from taobao years ago and decided would make a perfect addition to the outfit.  One day I will have frames like this for my actual glasses…  o n e   d a y

It was so so nice being able to catch up with Fii before she left, Leicester is a lot more dull without her here now. It was a nice day, we walked around town, before settling upon fries and pink lemonade at, yes you guessed it, Bills. Good old trusty Bill. The weather was unfortunately not on our side though, as it did decided to snow. Very pretty but very cold. The lighting was fab though.

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