Dying my hair brown with RUSH Nottingham

I just cant seem to leave my hair alone! This time I decided I wanted to go dark..

Late last October I visited a press event for RUSH Hair & Beauty Nottingham and had a really fab time. My hair was a self-dyed pink colour and at the time I couldn’t imagine having any other colour so I got my hair plaited and then we went our separate ways.

Fourth months later I was completely sick of the pink and it just wouldn’t leave my hair. I knew I wanted something new and had a few ideas but wasn’t quite sure so I booked myself a free consultation and the following Saturday I headed into Nottingham. My consultant was Rebecca and she was super helpful and talked me through the steps it would take to achieve such a colour, applied a patch test and an appointment was booked!
I then did a little too much shopping.

I made a main channel vid, here it is

and here is the rest of the blogpost.



My appointment was at midday, my train was delayed but (luckily) I still managed to make it. I arrived with my many drinks and was seated upstairs and promptly offered…..another drink.

We went over the plan one last time to make sure we were both on the same page about what was to be expected and then Rebecca went to mix the dye and I took advantage of the great lighting and took selfies.

 “Goodbye weird mix of pink and blonde hair…..i’ll miss you”

There was a lot of colour correction needed to get my desired look and so the first point of action was the roots. Then we worked through each piece to make sure the colour would be applied evenly, leaving out a few pieces every now and then that would have a lighter brown put on and be toned to give a balayage effect.

This didn’t all go to plan though and unfortunately after washing the dye out there was still a little bit of pink showing through so another colour was applied to the remaining pink parts. This wasn’t done by Rebecca as she had another client, however [i want to say George, but cant be 100% sure] was just as lovely and actually recognised me from the press event which boosted my lil blogger ego even though I deep down knew it was just bc my hair was an obnoxious pink colour. #imokaywiththat

Hair was also cut and styled and then I payed and was on my way..to meet a friend for dinner.
The total time spent on this ~transformation was f o u r hours! But they were probably some of the most pleasant hours I had ever spent in a hair salon.


so there we have it. My hair is now brown. It’s been a few weeks now and i’m still not fully used to it but I am enjoying the many many compliments I have gotten. We decided not to go as dark as I originally wanted and I am quite happy with that decision. It was a drastic change and I can always go even darker in the future if that is what I want.

However, i’m happy with the way that it is right now and wouldn’t change a thing.

I am happy to finally be able to wear yellow again. I’m not quite sure how I managed to survive so long.

You can find RUSH Nottingham @ 

20 Long Row, Nottingham NG1 2DH

0115 896 9628



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  1. February 13, 2017 / 8:37 pm

    Holy crap four hours?! Who knew that a little bit of pink dye could cause so much trouble! The wait was definitely worth it though as you look so good with dark hair.

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

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