I am in love with this dress and shirt combo, like yes, we all know i'm obsessed with the denim shirt I got from a vintage shop in Paris during my last visit but this dress is a strong contender for favourite item I picked up during the year of 2016.
It was during one of Miss Selfridges many sales during the transition from summer to autumn that I first saw the dress and it proved to be a handy investment as its 1, striped and 2, works with pretty much any item of my wardrobe. 

Yes, these photos were taken many months ago. Im sorry, but if you are wanting outfit posts that go up not long after being taken then I suggest you head over to Fii's blog because out of the two of us she is the supreme blogger.
(and I take most of her outfit photos so... ; - ) ) 
Shirt - Thrifted
Dress - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - New Look

photos by Fii

The shoes that I had chosen to wear on the day of taken these photos I decided I wasnt happy with and so cut them out of any photo with the very handy 'crop' feature. However for the sake documenting the terrible choice of shoe I will describe them to you - beige open toe wedges with a rope texture on the wedge and an ankle strap to help cut off your leg and help you look shorter than you actually are.
I know I know.
But we all make mistakes so lets just move past this.... and just gaze upon the beauty that is this dress.
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