so, yes, I know the vlogs are running late again but I have my reasons okay...
anyway this week was probably one of the best of the year for me.

Started it off on Monday shopping then baking then watching Into The Woods with Becky.
On Tuesday we went into town and met up with Ben and later on Alex- did some shopping, took some instagram photos, had a hot chocolate from my favourite chocolate shop in Leicester.
The only task of Wednesday was getting petrol for Alexs car and then....

Alex and I went on a lil trip to Derby, but not before a surprise trip to his work which was rlly cute, and did lots of cool stuff like iceskating and building bears and just having a really good time (!!) and on the way back on Friday we stopped off in Nottingham and had a look round the christmas markets.
When we got back we just got chips and watched Burlesque.

I was completely dead the whole of Saturday and Sunday. Spent over an hour editing a photo for insta on Sunday tho #productive.