little black dress

I’m not gonna lie to you, these photos are pretty old. In fact they were taken way back in July. This whole outfit is from New Look and tbh it makes me feel pretty fab. I’m usually not that keen on low cut things but ykno – its finally time I acknowledge and appreciate my lack of boob.

The dress I got during one of New Looks many sales that they have throughout the year and the shoes I impulsively bought to match a different dress made of a similar material. I couldnt even start to explain my love for this strange pleated material that appeared out of nowhere #suchafashionbloggeromg

I just really love it.

Plus the cut of dress is super flattering. Double win for me.

The shoes also represent another new love of mine – pointed toe shoes. I have pretty much been a round toe shoe girl for a good 98% of my life but 2016 bought this new type of shoe into my life and I am not sorry about that at all. Yes, they are very slightly less comfortable than rounded shoes but they give off this look that I am SO VERY INTO right now. Give me all of the pointed toe shoes. thankyou.
This pair in particular also have a gold metal trim (?) which adds a lil extra.
They’re currently also on sale.

mm look @ those cankles..

I really like this outfit, I wore it so much throughout the summer paired with that vintage denim shirt I always wear and now that Christmas is just around the corner you can bet that I’ll be bringing it out again – tho perhaps with tights….

Thanks Fii for the photos.


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