Week 46 started off with me finally getting to get breakfast at F&B. American pancakes and bacon are so good. so so good.
Then me and Becky did a lil bit of shopping and got a lil snack from mcdonalds before I drove over to see Alex. Then I met up with Magda and we went to one of her SSB tornaments in Leicester and it was so cool!! Such a busy monday tho lol.
Friday I met up with Magda and Alex and we got some food and just chilled.
(yes, if you watch the video you can see that I messed up with the title-ing for friday. Sorry. idk how I didnt realise that.)

Saturday I tried to remove some of the pink from my hair by using a hair dye remover. Didnt work that well but left my hair smelling of eggs.

Sunday I spent the afternoon with Becky, and we watched the xfactor then I went over to Alexs and we watched Hotel Transylvania 2

was a nice but tiring week.


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