RUSH Hair Nottingham

ya girl did it! she finally did it!

yep, thats right, I finally attended my first event. The #hanevent tag is finally in use! 

….except not really. I attended the Rush Hair and Beauty event in Nottingham, almost a month ago now and although I meant to write a post.. (I really really did) ..I never did.

and now here we are, I have a bunch of photos in a blog post that might never see the light of day because I can’t get myself to sit down and write a few words. I cant do it. Not gonna happen. Words worse blogger here, I admit it.

So instead, here is a bunch of photos I took that night with some appropriate captions. 

han proud at making it to her first event

fii getting her hair done

han getting her hair done // finished result

fii being cute


I had a really nice time, everyone there was super friendly and tbh, I was just super excited at having actually been invited to an event… even if it was just from a mass email sent to me because I somehow managed to get onto a PR list. 

and if u wanna get ur hair done – theres a 50% off offer at the Nottingham branch.

20 Long Row, Nottingham NG1 2DH

0115 896 9628


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