Comfortable, Cute & Denim

Ever since my quick trip to Paris earlier this year I have been obsessed with denim. I dont know how exactly or why my thoughts made such a big 180 change but it probably had something to do with one of the three denim shirts I picked up in a vintage store for five euros. f i v e  e u r o s!!

and my trip was before #brexit so the pound wasn’t as pathetic as it currently is. Which makes the price even better.

There are many reasons as to why I love this shirt so much that I could list – the price, the memories, the shiny buttons, the fact that it is literally the perfect oversized fit which means it was obviously meant for and left in a vintage shop in Paris for me to find. and maybe possibly the fact that it covers my arms which I don’t really like. They all work.

I’ve been wearing this shirt pretty consistently throughout the summer, if you were to look at my instagram you would think that my theme is * show the shirt in every other photo * I mean, I like it, I love it. It should come to no surprise that when Fii and I visited Olivia (…back in July..) that I made sure it made it into some all of the photo we took.

I also got these dungarees from a vintage shop during my trip. Different shop, slightly more €, still very worth it. Probably one of the biggest decisions of my life as the shop was closing and I didn’t know if they would fit. BUT THEY WERE SO CUTE. So I got them. and they fit. and I was a very happy hannah. They’re super baggy and have cute patches on them which is honestly just everything that I look for in clothing – and the fact that I didn’t directly contribute to fast fashion makes my lil heart even happier.

Speaking of [ fast fashion and my not-so-recent attempt avoid it as much as possible ] the tote bag that I just so happened to sport on this day is from Stay Home Club, a Canadian brand w a super cool aesthetic that I really love. Plus its quality – I mean, i’ve had this tote for at-least a couple years and even with pretty regular use it isn’t showing signs of wear. I have been loving tote bags recently and while I now blame that damn 5p bag charge for my ever growing tote bag collection, this is the one that started it all. Without this one, the back of my bedroom door would be lonely.

Although they aren’t pictured, I wore my over-worn and under-cared-for white trainers from Adidas which just incase you didn’t think this outfit could be any more perfect- also made it really really comfortable.

Which is everything that I could ever wish for.

Comfortable, cute and denim!


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