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I swear i’m a fashion blogger! kinda!?
What do you mean I never post fashion posts??!
A few months back I met up with Fii in Leicester to catch up and more importantly take outfit photos. You think i’m kidding? She has the most amazing prime lens and I like to take as much advantage of that as I can. One of the things I love most about Fii, other than her camera lenses, is that she knows exactly what she wants to shoot and manages to get the shot in practically no time. It’s very different to my style of taking photos, you know..the take 200 photos and only use 5 of them method. But it works and I really can’t fault it. If you don’t read her blog yet then you are really missing out as it’s 10x better than this one in both content and consistency so.. go say hi to and discover your new fav blog.


This is a fashion post.

Onto the fashion.

This was at the beginning of summer and the heat, although not reaching its full hot-ness potential, was pretty unbearable and left an autumn child like myself at odds for what to wear. No joke, this outfit took me a good few days to plan out and I changed it up last minute before leaving to catch the train. Could you imagine this outfit with a beige skirt? No? It didn’t look terrible, but black is a lot less scary to wear. I’m pretty happy with the finished result, the vibe fits my blog and thats all that matters.

I got the cropped tank top second hand, however it was originally from Monki and is actually part of a set. I have slight suspicions that it could be a pyjama set as the shorts look like they would be very comfortable to sleep in but pyjamas is public has been my #1 personal aesthetic since 2010 and u gotta stay tru 2 u u kno .
The skirt was a total bargain from Forever 21 costing only £13 and has belt loops which makes me happy. I had a pretty similar one from Urban Outfitters for just over £40 and I actually prefer this one? I know. Shocked me too.

and now onto the real show stopper of this outfit and my one true love- the jean jacket I got from a vintage shop in Paris for €5 and have been wearing 94% of the time since. I always heard people talk about being in love and how when they met their true love, soulmate if you might, and how they just knew. They were perfect for each other. No one else could compare. That person would be their person for life and they wouldn’t have it any other way .. and you know what? That is exactly how I feel about this shirt. It is perfect. I love it.
It’s a little bit, the slightly tacky buttons are scratched, I am constantly losing my hands in the sleeves, I get slightly odd looks from people and yeah, I guess paired with my constantly frizzy hair it can give me a disheveled look. But it’s one of those items that just makes me so happy to wear, plus it has great memories attached to it from my brief Paris trip in May and gives me the excuse to bring up said Paris trip whenever someone asks me where I got it from.

oh this old thing? just something I picked up in Paris from a vintage shop for €5 .. I guess it’s kinda cool


Somehow I managed to fit both cameras + spare batteries + external phone charger + usual bag contents into my new fav bag from Topshop which impressed me so much I didnt realise how weird it looked in photos. I swear it isn’t that misshapen when not stuffed to the brim. #bloggerproblems
on my feet I wore my trusty old boots from River Island that have been scuffed to death because I am horribly pigeon toed. You’d think me knowing I walk like that and that it was ruining my shoes would make me stop? apparently not. They’re not the most comfortable and have pretty much zero grip but I rescued them from the sale rack a couple years ago and have served me well- and for that, I am very thankful.

The beginning of the year was very hard for me style wise. I released I didn’t have the energy to do the majority of style that I love justice and slowly but surely I have found this new more ~~casual~ style that is not only comfortable and more practical for day 2 day life but also makes me feel good about myself. I created my very first outfit with flat shoes that I was really truly happy with in April and I feel like a whole new world has been discovered. I can be unwell and cute ?? and I really can’t wait to start sharing more of these outfits with you.

Well, that’s all for this post. Thanks for reading.
Feel free to leave a comment, I would especially like to know your thoughts on the *layout* of the photos in this post. I’m very undecided if I like it or not but sometimes you just gotta try new things.
Have a lovely day ♡


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  1. September 11, 2016 / 8:43 pm

    You are SO SO CUTE and this outfit suits you so well! I know what you mean about being stuck on what to wear – I can never tell if it's too hot or too cold for a particular outfit, so I try to mix up a Summer/Autumn outfit tehe.

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