This week was very unintentionally social. I have no complaints.

On Tuesday I saw Rebecca and we planned what we are going to do when we go away.
On Wednesday I got my hair cut, broke my brace and saw Alex.
On Thursday I went to the dentist, had my brace fixed and tightened and… then saw Alex. We played guitar hero, that was fun. Also watched Internet Famous. It was surprisingly not terrible.
On Friday I saw Magda and we went into Leicester to visit a cafe we had been wanting to visit for a while and to watch the new Ghostbusters movie at the cinema. 10/10 would recommend. v funny.
On Sunday we finally finished season 1 of Bobs Burgers. I’ve already watched all the episodes to date but Alex hasn’t and any excuse to watch Bobs Burgers ykno….

I don’t know how or why but I managed to film way over two hours of video this week and it was really hard editing it down into a watchable time- in the end I got it down to just over fifty minutes, which is still a lot, but i’m sure future me won’t mind that much.

Hope you had a good week..


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