Well, this week was a busy one.

On Monday I drove over to Fii’s then we headed off to Olivia’s where we then went to Telford, had something to eat and took outfit photos and midday Tuesday we left and headed back home.

On Wednesday I got my hair permed! The after result was nice but I didn’t appreciate my hair smelling like eggs. beauty is pain. beauty is pain. beauty is pain. beauty is pain. beauty is pain.

(blog post coming soon!)

Then later on in the afternoon I went over to see Alex and we got some food w his mum which was nice but I forgot my camera bc i’m such a good vlogger so theres no actual proof of that. You will just have to take my word for it. You trust me right?.. ?  ….. I wouldn’t lie about something like that.




I didn’t do anything on Thursday, but on Friday after my dad and brother had left with the dogs I started packing to go away to Wales and then when my mum got home from work we headed off and …. then I was in Wales.

The internet here is pretty decent but i’m not sure if it will be able to handle uploading a video so we will see. If you see this in two weeks time – the internet was not good enough to upload the video and so everything was put on pause.

On Saturday we had a late start, but when we eventually got up and out we headed to Argos to get a hairdryer for me because I forgot mine and then headed to a beach. It was nice but very rocky and not very suitable for the dogs so we didn’t stay that long. Then when we got back I worked on some blog posts.

On Sunday we got up early to visit the local ‘recommended’ car boot sale because….when in Wales……. but because the weather was pretty bad there really wasn’t anyone there and we didn’t stay more than half an hour, just enough time for my brother to get a burger- why he wanted a burger at like 9am I have no idea, but he did. Then we went to beach #1 which was pretty rocky and it was raining and was just delightful. My parents decided to try and find a more sandy beach which led to beach #2, the weather was a little nicer but it was still cold.

Sunday ended with me and my brother playing a game of Monopoly and him winning.

and that was the end of this week! very eventful!


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