This week was half term which meant my brother was off school soon Wednesday we went out for a family meal. I also went back to the hairdressers and booked myself in to get my hair permed…on the 6th July.


If you wanna meet me before I completely ruin my hair, now is the time to do it!

I also put up some fairy lights in my room and filmed a video/ edited it/ uploaded it to my main youtube channel hxanou – its pretty stupid but I decided that instead of scrapping every video I deemed not good enough I would upload them instead bc whats the worst that could happen ?!? 

On Friday I met a friend and we got some food and caught up and looked for possible prom dresses. It was fun. I really suck at keeping in contact with people- really need to work on that more.

On Saturday we went over to my Aunts house to see some family that was visiting but I didnt film anything bc my family is a little camera shy.

Apart from that I havent done anything else. My health hasnt been great recently so even though I havent done a whole lot it has been a whole lot to me (does that make sense?) (idk)

Hope you had a good week!!


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