So, the week is over and I have one hell of a long video as I actually did stuff!!

Monday and Tuesday were pretty much filled with me attempting to pack as little as possible and then changing my mind five billion times.
Wednesday started pretty early- I had to wake up at 3AM 😭😭

I was going to do a Paris recap here but im not sure if ill be doing a blog post on it or not so just to avoid spoilers (lol) here are the time codes for the video. pls watch. its very long but u can just skip to what u want to watch.

Wednesday / 05:01 – 15:56
Travelling to 05:34
Apartment Tour 08:08
Bus Tour 14:49

Thursday / 15:56 – 28:21
Food [ American ] 18:10
Eiffel Tower at night 23:31

Friday / 28:22 – 48:32
Heading up the Eiffel Tower 30:58
Top of the Eiffel Tower 32:16
Food [ Cafe ] 36:25
Leaving 41:21

(let me know if u want any more)
Might do a day by day recap on Dayre so if U dont follow me there u should. Im hxanou. obvs.

Saturday and Sunday were very non eventful days. I have a lot of recovering to do now but…it was so worth it. I had so much fun. Theres still so much that I want to do so Im already trying to recruit people to go with me……


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