Well this week has certainly been less dull than the week before.
On Monday I went into Birmingham with Magda. We planned to get a train from Hinkley early afternoon but missed it by about 30 seconds (this is why you don’t talk to people outside ticket offices at train stations!!) and instead of waiting there for an hour we drove to Nuneaton and just managed to catch that train.
We didn’t do much while there- mostly just eat food and visit my fav shop ever Muji. I got some pens and also some really cute writing sets from Paperchase! (anyone want a letter??????). It was a good day and I got to try Five Guys fries which have the potato skin on them but r kinda good. Not bad. Better with ketchup.

Skip forward to Thursday and I had to go to the dentist. A whole bunch happened and I was probably the most confused I have ever been. Dentists don’t really bother me but mine never tells me what they’re going to do. Its just lie down and hope they don’t kill u u kno. I got elastics put on which hurt and it hurts to yawn and I am 100% miserable and eating mcdonalds ice-cream 100% of the time.
On Good Friday my parents were off work (yay bank holidays!) and so I went with my mum to get rid of some clothes. I also got a pastry from Greggs and regretted it as soon as I bit it bc PAIN! I also may have gotten another ice cream from mcdonalds. When I got home I finished unpacking the rest of my clothes and successfully burnt candles without setting my room on fire! Success!

Saturday was the second time this week I was* to go to Birmingham. (*english? grammar? whats that?). Ever since my first visit to Muji I had been telling my mum all about it and she had wanted to go but due to bad health I hadn’t been up to it. Its the Easter holidays right now so I was just like yolo and signed myself up for the third activity of the week.
It was really fun! Call me sad but I rlly like spending time w my parents and shopping with my mum is always really fun. She’s always 100% honest about everything that I try on and always makes doubly sure that I like something before I buy it.
Also she makes me wear comfy shoes which is great. I should do that more often.

I got some really nice things from the shops including a YELLOW coat from UA which I fell in love with at first sight and its amazing! I’ve really been liking yellow this week, its a really nice colour and I like wearing it ykno.
I also got to eat lots of food (thx mum) including pancakes, milkshake, hot chocolate and !! fries x2!!
It was a very good day but it really wore me out.

Sunday was Easter Sunday and we usually go over to my Grandmas for Easter Lunch/Dinner but that didn’t happen this year so we just had a chilled day. I ate [a whole] easter egg and a can of disappointing pepsi. We had both Coke and Pepsi cola at home and I couldn’t choose because before I didn’t really taste the difference so my dad put one in each hand and told me to pick.
I picked my right (his left) and it was Pepsi-cola!

I still drank it though.

This weeks vlog is really ridiculously long so I hope u know that I don’t expect you to watch it all. I wanted to try something different aka not doing a little montage of clips and adding in background music and instead try to actually vlog while out and about and I filmed way too much and wanted to use all of it.
My internet connection hates me already so whats a 7 hour upload compared to the usual 4.

Ive written a lot this week and its probably bc of the cola and chocolate. I couldn’t load my blog earlier and wondered if I should use that as an excuse to not do this post. ugh. so much effort. I just want to eat snacks and watch buzzfeed videos.

Hope u had a good Easter Sunday/Weekend/Week!


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