My cold is still here and its worse than ever. I’m not sure why its not going away but I can feel myself becoming grumpier and grumpier, so much so that I feel like I’m finally the old person my body always tells me I am.
The week started off slow. I broke the cord to my blind on Monday and the most exciting thing I did on Tuesday was make a cup of tea. Oh and I got my chromebook back. Wednesday is where it really picked up- I went to IKEA! AGAIN! I truly feel at home there now. I had a huge shopping list of things I needed to get and managed to get most of them which was great, definitely helped everything stick to its schedule. I got a new plant too- his name is Bertie. I think I’m getting better at this naming thing.
Thursday was a little less eventful than the day before, I organised the contents of a draw, went to pcworld to see if they could fix my chromebook again and then went to see a couple friends to catch up (and eat chicken nuggets) (mostly just to eat chicken nuggets).
Didn’t do anything Friday and spent the majority of the weekend making my parents cups of tea. I kept asking how I could help and that was the only answer they gave.

I have a bed again and it looks really comfortable, I really can’t wait to go to sleep tonight! The room itself is also coming along nicely. I moved the draws to a different wall to see how it would look and although it doesn’t match the Pinterest image I took inspiration from it looks good (or at least I think it does.) The walls are now evenly painted white and I definitely need to invest in a pair of sunglasses.
Theres still a tonne more to do though, I have to move my clothes back in and – while doing so also go through them again to see if I can get rid of any more. I have to find new places for pretty much everything and thats going to be one hell of a task.

Apologies for anyone who watched the video this week, not because of the lack of content (I know u all dig that) but bc of the fact that for half the week I forgot to tape the camera strap things down and so they rattled a little. I remembered midweek but then took the tape off the following day and forgot to put it back on.
If it annoyed you, sorry. If it didn’t, forget I ever said anything.

New posts coming soon, I promise. (I don’t promise.)


I ate seven chicken nuggets this week and if when I took my bro + friend to mcd they hadn’t given me a cheeseburger happy meal instead of a chicken nugget one I would have eaten 11.
Blessing in disguise lol

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  1. February 22, 2016 / 3:52 pm

    Generations expansion is out tomorow, now you need to buy more cards!
    Although that kinda is the whole point

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