We are a whole week (and three days!) into the new year. I have seen quite a few people start a series on their blog to talk about the week they just had and I must admit, I am also doing that this year. When I look back at 2015 I feel like I didn’t really accomplish anything, like sure, I passed my driver’s test, met a few cool people (Hi Fii and Olivia!) and went to Paris….but that’s it. Or is it? I can’t remember. A year is a really long time and unfortunately there’s no way I can remember every single little thing I did. We do so much in our day to day lives that we go on to forget and come the end of the year, we feel like we wasted it.

I’ve been wanting to start weekly vlogs for a while because, let’s be real here, daily vlogs are a little too ambitious. I don’t have enough minions that blindly follow me to make daily videos of me just sitting at home and watching Netflix. Not yet anyway.
I patiently waited, letting all my social activities go by unfilmed, until I could decide on the perfect date to start this (really stupid) project and finally decided on Jan 1st 2016. I was going to redeem myself from the fail that was 2014s new year resolution.

So, with the backstory over- let’s begin.

The year was to start on a Friday, which really threw me off. Did I do a three day vlog or a ten day vlog to start this off? Twitter and it’s handy dandy polls helped me decide on a ten day vlog and I realised this was finally a thing I was going to try to do.

The week started off well, I re-organised my makeup, ate a mcflurry and found a bunch of snazzy royalty free music. However I was a little too ambitious and on the Monday I planned to meet a friend to exchange late Christmas presents, I was only able to stay out for a couple hours before I started to feel unwell.
By Wednesday I had reached the intolerable side of the scale and had to cancel plans w my mum to get new curtains. Thursday I still felt terrible but had a dentist appointment, did I mention my dentists office is upstairs? ikr. Also acne outbreak, this first week of the year was turning out wonderfully.
Things were a little more tolerable by Friday and by then I was worrying about not having any content for my vlog, so on Saturday after my doctor’s appointment I went curtain shopping w my mum (I know what you’re thinking- I am such a rebel.). We stopped off at the garden centre on the way home and I got some succulents and an odd looking yellow cactus.
Sunday morning my camera wouldn’t work. I’d turned it on and it was acting like the lens cap was still on (it wasn’t, I checked). I turned it off and the lens didn’t go back in and I couldn’t view anything in the gallery. Que super worry mode, I spent half an hour trying to google the problem before, as a last ditch attempt, taking the battery out and putting it back it….and it working.
New curtains went up, I tidied up a little bit and then spent the evening watching youtube videos editing.

Oh, and for future reference, I am not good at talking about being unwell nor am I good at explaining how I feel. I’ve never really understood the ‘pain scale’ so in the past couple of years I started describing things as ‘tolerable’ and ‘untolerable’… This works for me, especially as I don’t get ‘good’ days anymore, it’s more like not terrible and terrible. Here’s a little diagram I drew 4 u.

On tolerable days, while still in pain i’m able to do stuff if I so choose to.
On untolerable days i’m pretty much as useful as a chocolate teapot.
There’s a middle area because I felt like it needed one. There’s always a middle ground. I spend most of my time there, it’s exhausting.

Make sense? ok good. Now if u watch my vlogs u will understand the lingo.

See you next week. Maybe.


ps. How do people do cool drawings on snapchat? 

pps. how does my voice change like five billion times? what is this witchcraft


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  1. January 11, 2016 / 12:20 pm

    Great vlog 🙂 i love the chocolate teapot analogy I'm going to be using it from now on whenever possible 😎

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