Week three started off pretty well.
On Monday I met up with Magda (aka the person who’s been helping me take blog photos recently) and we went into Birmingham. There wasn’t really a plan so we got american pancakes, went to a couple shops – including muji – aka my new favourite shop – had a quick break, went in a few more shops and then got food. The best way to shop is to take breaks every three or four shops, and i’m glad Mags also thinks so. We also got hot chocolates from mcdonalds on the way home because it was FREEZING! Seriously, my car was all iced up and we had to scrape it and everything…..
The rest of the week I didn’t do much. I feel like I’m constantly saying this but, I felt completely rotten. In a good way though, if thats possible, like for a good cause. That good cause being me walking around Birmingham. #captainobvious
I used up my remaining saved blog post and managed to post twice this week although now I have to start doing stuff in order to keep this blog active.. oh and I had the dentist on Thursday (but hannah, didn’t you just go to the dentist the other week?) (yes but I broke a band so..)

Molly decided one night that she had to come in my room so I broke my ‘no cats’ rule and let her in, and she then went on to knock over almost anything and everything she possibly could- and took great joy in walking across the coat hangers in my wardrobe which prompted me to finally start the big wardrobe clear out. Because, you shouldn’t have so many clothes that the coat hangers form a bridge for cats to walk on. You just shouldn’t.
The major clearing out of my wardrobe started on Sunday and I did really well, or rather, I thought I did. It doesn’t look any different except theres now a box and a half full of clothes?
I also started planning my next meet up with Gail. It’s probably around time that I travel up to see her, its been a couple years.
and that was my week! I’m incredibly tired and worrying about this weeks posts because although I have nothing going on during the day I’m still less productive than full time students who have jobs and run a blog on the side. But it’ll be fine.

How was your week?


Cats are cute but they are pure mayhem. Dogs are cute and only 40% mayhem. 

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