Shirt - Thrifted
Dungarees - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Ebay

photos by Magda

I got this dungaree dress from UA for my birthday, it has a slightly distressed hem line (it's supposed to be like that, I didn't break it) and because of that I haven't worn it as much as I would like to. I know, I know, I shouldn't let the fact that every time I wear it it gets a little more frayed stop me from wearing it but it's such a pretty dungaree dress and I just want it to look good.
Aside from it looking good, other reasons I love it include: 
five decently sized pockets. 
○ super comfortable.
○ effortless
Oh? You aren't sure what to wear? Pick a random top from your wardrobe to wear underneath underneath and boom gr8 outfit. You appear as if you actually put some effort into what you are wearing while getting an extra half an hour sleep being comfortable and looking cute x100. Literally a dream come true. I just really love it.
Another thing I love? How versatile it is. You can easily change the vibe of the outfit by changing the top and shoes.
Speaking of the top...... I got it for a ridiculous price at a charity shop. Its stripy and I like it a lot.
After taking these photos I had to get some petrol and not only was I asked my age, the person also said "really!?" in response.
Added bonus of this outfit: you apparently look young.

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Photos by Magda - Twitter // Tumblr