Recently, Magda and I found ourselves in Birmingham with some time to kill and as we had spent a good few hours of shopping we decided we would get something to eat. Where exactly we would eat was a whole other issue- one we fixed by walking out of the bullring and picking the first place we saw.
aka Bills.
I don’t remember who exactly, but a little while ago someone posted about Bills and mentioned that it was a ‘bloggers favourite’ and i’m not gonna say that it 100% influenced our decision but that paired with the fact that it was so close definitely helped.

As the entrance was inside the bullring we noticed a complete change in the atmosphere once we had walked in. It went from shopping mall (good description hannah) to having this alive but ever so friendly buzz. Like, seriously, not even the staff at Lush were that friendly. And the decor, oh the decor… If a place looks nice I am totally 100% happy regardless of the food sitch. Well, at least 87% happy.
I can only assume that, as it’s a chain, the interior is the same at each place. It’s kinda industrial which I dig. do people still say dig. 

This is the first place in years that i’ve gone to without checking the menu online beforehand. Something that I probably should have done as it turns out that I don’t actually like anything on the menu. Except for fries. Except the fries have skin on them and I am a fairly strict no-skin-on-fries kinda person. Can you guess what I ordered?
hint: it was fries.

Magda had a burger which looked nice in photos, and she said it was nice which is always a bonus when it comes to food.

We decided to also get dessert. Which I was totally up for, like, i’m always up for dessert. I’ll take dessert over actual food any day. As usual, I had the chocolate brownie and icecream and Mags had a Jaffa Cake. A huge jaffa cake. Presentation was A+ and it was really good too! A++. Do reccomend. 

Sorry about the quality of the photos, the lighting wasn’t great and my vlog camera was trying its best! 

(wait what, I vlog?)

I had a really good time, it made a nice change from the usual places we’d visit for food.
Would I go again? Probably not, at least not for lunch/dinner as I don’t like anything menu. However while writing this post I did check out the breakfast menu and..I wouldn’t object to visiting again for breakfast.


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  1. January 21, 2016 / 5:01 pm

    The giant Jaffa cake has me intruiged, is a Jaffa cake a biscuit or a cake? And is a giant Jaffa cake a giant biscuit or still a cake?

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