My favourite Jumper

Jumper – Urban Outfitters

Jeans – New Look

photos by Magda

My go-to outfit when trying to dress ‘casual’ is a jumper and jeans. Simple, comfy and hard to get wrong. I got this jumper for my birthday and it had been hanging in my wardrobe since then as I just wasn’t doing anything. So when Mags suggested we do something I grabbed it, paired it with my trusty New Look jeans and boots from Office (which you can’t see, #soz)

Somehow we ended up at one of the skate parks that Mags likes and it was practically deserted so we reverted back to our 14 year old selves and snapped up a bunch of photos. It was fun.

The jumper is lovely to wear, a new favourite of mine. However, it’s not as warm as you might first think. The material is quite thin and if I had worn this on a day with worser (that’s not a word) weather then I would have needed to layer tops underneath so I wouldn’t freeze to death. Or maybe just invest in a coat/ gloves. The thinness has its perks though- I can wear it at least 3/4 seasons, it’s not heavy, looks really nice…. 

I just think this jumper is rlly fab.

I’ve been testing out hats recently, ever since I found that one that I didn’t hate, and unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that bobble hats don’t suit me. They do a good job at keeping u warm though. 

Usually jumper/jean outfits are the ones i’m most unhappy with because they don’t look great (I like to overdress? All or nothing. PJs or sparkly dresses ykno?) but I really liked this one. It was probably the combination of my favourite black jeans, this amazing oversized jumper and the fact that my hair looked A+. 

I couldn’t end this post w/o these super cute pics we took. 


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Photos by Magda – Twitter // Tumblr


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