Lace Dress // ASOS

Dress – ASOS (Similar // Similar)

Boots – Ebay

photos by Magda

Please excuse my awkward posing, it’s been a while. Every year, just before Christmas, all of my family members get together and have a little pre-christmas party (though it should be noted that I use the word ‘party’ loosely). I don’t go to parties so this is a chance to not be overdressed for once. and yes, we are ignoring the fact that I overdress for almost every occasion. sh.

I decided to wear this dress I got from ASOS many years ago with those boots that have been appearing everywhere…sorry not sorry. I love lace dresses, I could own every single one to ever exist in this world and it still wouldn’t be enough. I especially love this one because it comes in two parts- the lace bit and the slip, which I prefer a whole lot more than the ones that are lined.

It is a pretty old dress and i’m sure someone out there is dying because of how out of style it is, but I think it looks pretty. I tried to find some similar dresses on ASOS but couldn’t find many soz. Its tough having clothes in your wardrobe that are a few years old. They go out of date faster than milk these days..

I chose to wear my current fave boots bc it may look sunny but it’s actually freezing and as an actual 80+ year old I do not have time to freeze to death. what do you mean coats exist

Maybe it’s my bad posture or maybe it’s the lights but I swear that the dress is way more flattering in person. 

and even if it wasn’t, i’d still wear it bc it’s comfortable and you can’t beat a comfortable dress that fits your family’s somewhat formal dress code for Christmas Eve.

I hope you have a good Christmas!


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Photos by Magda – Twitter // Tumblr


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