The Church

In Chester there were some Roman Gardens that Gail wanted to visit. After we had visited them we decided to find somewhere to eat, we hadn’t planned ahead and just walked around until we found ourselves in front of The Church. It was on a side street across from where I had parked.

The Church is a renovated church (duh) turned bar/restaurant and my first words upon seeing it were “that looks creepy as all hell”.

I knew we just had to see inside.

The decor inside was so so really nice, I don’t want to spoil it for you tho just incase you visit so I won’t put any pictures of the interior in this post 😉 deffo not bc I didn’t take any.. Imagine the inside of a church with two levels, a bar in the middle of the lower and the upstairs with a balcony around the bar. Stain glass windows, suits of armour and what I assume were organ pipes really added to the whole vibe. Can I say vibe? Am I cool enough for that?

The staff were really friendly- which was such a relief because Gail made me do that talking (bc scottish accents are harder to understand?) and I am so not great at talking to people. I didn’t cry so I think I did a pretty good job.
When it came to choosing what to eat, I stuck to my title of ‘most boring person ever’ and got the thing I always get. I am the least adventurous person with food you will ever meet. I had forgotten that you usually get extra stuff such as mushrooms, tomato, onion rings- but I had another person to eat them for me (thx Gail) so disaster averted.

The food was good. I’m not a huge fan of food, i’m not even a little fan of food so for me to say the food was good and that I enjoyed eating it is huge. It wasn’t as chore-like as it usually is. And that is such a cool thing to experience. Even if I couldn’t finish all of it. Oh, we also may have had a whole conversation themed around how many church puns we could make. That was fun.
I really liked the layout of the food. It’s usually hard to take even a semi-decent photo of the food I eat but somehow everything just came together very nicely which resulted in non gross looking pictures. It can’t just be me that appreciates it when different foods don’t touch.

By this time in our mini trip Gail and I had mastered the art of ordering drinks as soon as we get seated. I had orange juice because i’m making a conscious effort to not drink cola (except for when at the cinema) and I was just not feeling like drinking water. Although the OJ came with ice, which meant it eventually became watery- is this a thing? I didn’t know this was a thing. Gail had tea. I assume it was good. I didn’t hear any complaints.

While paying we were told that every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night from 10.30pm they have a showcase of the local live music talent playing in their Live Music room. Which seemed pretty cool- is there anything this place isn’t? If only we had waited a few hours..
A cool renovated building? Check.
Bar? Check.
Restaurant? Check
Outside Terrace? Check
Live Music? Check
Nice Staff? Check
Good Food? Check
Church puns on the menu? Check

I wanted to write about this place because it was nice and I liked the food and it’s atmosphere (the places, not the foods). The staff were super nice, and the service was really fast. Though we arrived pretty early at around 5:30pm and by the time we were leaving it had filled up quite a bit, so I imagine once it gets to prime dinner time it could be quite a busy place. But you can ring up and reserve a table- if you wish.

If you find yourself in Chester then why not have a little bite to eat at The Church?

The Church Bar & Restaurant, 

Newgate Street, 

Chester, Cheshire, 


Tel: 01244 318 854


ps. I have never written a post about a place to eat before, I didn’t take notes and my memory is the worst thing since raisin cookies. 

I tried my best. I’ll do better next time. No doubt Gail’s post will be better, I recommend you check that out when it goes up.

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  1. November 5, 2015 / 12:23 pm

    I definitely want to visit here now it sounds awesome! I am the opposite though I am afraid I am a big food lover, too much so I reckon haha xxx


    • hannah
      December 17, 2015 / 9:26 pm

      you definitely should! it's such a lovely building (and the food isn't half bad either;)) ♡

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