Rhyl Sunset

Hat – Urban Outfitters
Jacket – my mums wardrobe

Dress – New Look

Shoes – River Island

Gail travelled down from Scotland a couple weeks ago and while she was here we couldn’t decide what to do so we went to Wales, for no reason other than it is quite easy to get to (when my sat nav decides to work) and she hasn’t been there. While there we made a quick visit to Rhyl Beach, which was about an hour away from where we were staying. It reminds me a lot of Blackpool.

I had been driving a lot that day and couldn’t be bothered to change out of the grey tshirt dress I got from New Look years ago (it’s so comfortable to wear, who cares about it not being flattering) so just added a few black items and hoped I looked okay. Having just got the hat from Urban Outfitters the previous day I still wasn’t 100% sure on it- but I now feel like it adds a witchy vibe which I am totally all for this A/W. Maybe that’s just the halloween in me speaking though.

We wanted to catch the sunset and got caught up in the A55 rush hour traffic (bad planning on my part, I admit that) but got there with time to spare to snap up some outfit shots. Thanks for taking these G!
It was really nice to see the sunset, totally worth the drive.

It was a really good start to our little trip, on the way back we stopped off at OK Diner and ate way too much food. I have a weakness for American style diners. Also milkshakes.



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