Dress - Yahoo Auctions JP (originally Liz Lisa)
Bag - Yahoo Auctions JP (originally Liz Lisa)
Shoes - Taobao (dupe of Liz Lisa)

Unlike last year, this year was a very low key celebration.
I couldn't sleep the night before and so on the actual day I was stupidly tired, which probably wasn't helped by the fact that I woke up at 6.
As it was a weekday, we had planned to go out for a meal one everyone had got home from school/work. I spent the whole day slowly getting ready and taking way too many selfies, and because of that I don't have a lot of photos to share with you.

I had a pretty good birthday though, it had all the right factors- an overload of minions, presents, cookies, a cute dress and the fact that I ate way too much food.

I will now show you a bunch of unedited photos (i'm too tired to edit....) from yesterday!

Before everyone went to school/work I opened my presents and started to wonder why I got so much minion stuff... (Bob is definitely the cutest) (and yes, I did watch the movie)

This was my first time wearing makeup 'properly' since I got back from Paris and I tried really hard to do it nicely .. I think it turned out well? My parents had also re-filled the minion balloon I had had for my 18th. It is currently sitting in the corner of my room.

About 10 minutes before we left I asked my mum to help me take some outfit photos, which she did and I realised how bad of a posture I had. So then I asked my brother to take some more.

I had my usual for main meals, it still doesn't photograph well- surprise surprise. They didn't have any smooth orange juice so I was left with only water to drink, but I tried this sparkling wine and it was the least worst alcohol i've had so far...
Oh and I had brownie and ice-cream for dessert because ... diet? what diet?

After we had all eaten my parents revealed this years birthday cookie! (I'm not the biggest fan of cake..)
Apparently they don't do designs anymore, just text so it was pretty boring compared to last years but it was the toffee and chocolate one and when it comes to cookies all that really matters is how nice they taste......

When I got home I spent hours and hours procrastinating taking off my makeup and eventually, early Oct 9th, I went to sleep.

 ps. thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

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