What I got from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Paris

I don’t know if you’ve heard yet but during the summer I went to Paris! It’s not like it’s all i’ve been talking about since I got back or anything like that….
One of the shops, well basically the only shop, I wanted to visit was Baby, The Stars Shine Bright as they have a physical store there and they are my favourite Lolita brand. Looking back I wish I had done more research into other shops in Paris because I already have a list of shops I want to go to if when I go back, but it’s good that I didn’t as it meant I could spend more in btssb! #priorities

I had looked at their blog before going to see what they had in stock and make a mental shopping list of what i’d like to get- but nothing could have prepared me for being in a shop full of so many pretty things and the ability to buy them if I wanted. I am not known for my great impulse control…

On the last day I got an envelope set (€20) and two letter sets (€5) with my remaining euros because I am a sucker for cute writing paper. I’m not sure if the envelope set was 100% worth it but I can live with it.

Along with the paper bag, I was also given a smaller plastic bag and a drawstring bag (with the cutest design on it!) – I’m not sure the exact reason as to why I got them but i’m not complaining. Plastic bags cost 5p in Wales (and some parts of England) and they aren’t anywhere near as cute as these. 

Two of the smaller purchases I got were Usakumya purse/really small bag in pink (€46) and some simple OTK socks with gold lettering (€26). I hadn’t planned to get these, although I have always wanted a full size Usakumya bag in white, and had held out hope that there might be one there even though it wasn’t on their blog…(there was only a full size pink one).
I’m really happy that I got the socks, they match the dress I wanted them for perfectly- and they’re such a simple design they have the potential to match lots of future dresses (all while displaying the name of my fave).
I also got a pen (€7) which you can see in the second photo. This was the equivalent of getting a packet of skittles at the checkout after doing the grocery shopping. I have no regrets.

I got two items of clothing, a JSK and a blouse and I will be posting about tomorrow. I didn’t want this blog post to end up being too picture heavy.
If you can’t wait then I also did a video which you can watch right now!

Thanks for reading!
Let me know which item you liked best!

 ps. have a wonderful week!

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  1. October 14, 2015 / 2:31 pm



    I've always found Usakumya really effing creepy, but hey, btssb does gorgeous stuff. I need to visit to see what they have in from AatP but I'm not heading to paris for a while. Might actually be more productive to just go to the store in Japan.
    Those socks are adorable though. And the writing paper ;a;

    Fii | little miss fii

    • hannah
      October 23, 2015 / 2:49 pm

      Oh it's totally creepy, but in a cute way.. or so I think. Yes! oh think of all the cute stuff you could get ! ♡
      I'll send you a letter one day haha

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