The art of losing midi-rings

Dress – Lis lisa

Rings – eBay 

Shoes (not pictured) – Asos

Months ago I met Fii and we took some photos on the path that leads to the museum. I found these while clearing out my computer and realised i’d never posted them.
Fii already wrote up a post being the productive person that she is so you can view that here.

I was fretting about what to wear the whole day before and even though I eventually decided on an outfit I changed it about 30 minutes before I had to catch the train because it was sunnier than expected. I love this dress however it is worn best paired with a good posture, something which I do not possess.
and that’s as much as i’m going to criticise myself in those photos.  can u believe this is me with a tan
I was really happy with how my hair and makeup turned out that day and it inspired my hair for the rest of the summer. I took the chance to test out wearing lots of rings however it did not go so well, I left the house wearing more than 15 midi-rings and arrived home wearing 3. While I am aware that i’m not a jewelry person- I wasn’t aware I was incapable of the simple task of keeping rings on my fingers.

It was the beginning of a pretty good summer. and no, I did not learn to take the hair bobble off my wrist before taking photos. I should learn to do that though.

Autumn is starting and it’s gotten me excited for cosy jumpers and lots of hot drinks! Though when it comes to clothes I may just pair everything with OTK boots and call it a day. 6 days until my birthday eek!!

 ps. I decided to start using again, and I will be uploading old outfits as well as new ones as time goes on so feel free to follow.

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  1. October 3, 2015 / 2:22 am

    I enjoy your writing style. Feels like a conversation! 🙂


    • hannah
      October 23, 2015 / 2:44 pm


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