Sept. 3: Create a collage that describes your blog.

What describes my blog?
no. really. what describes it?
its a personal blog so really...any pictures that I like/am in describe my blog (right?!)

It was quite hard trying to decide what to put on it. I decided to include some pictures from Paris, desserts, pictures with friends, a bat, some cute pixels, a pic of my latest sim city city and a rotation coodinate from emoda (as I love the idea of those and really should start doing something like that...)
I hope you don't mind how crowded it is. 
oh and the fact that it looks like a toddler who only just discovered paint made it.

I struggle so much with collages (D&T was my least fave subject)

Have a lovely day!

ps. last year I did a mood board for my current fashion inspiration and you can read that here -
I'm better at those kind.

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