Its that time of year again, the wonderful month of September, and Bailey over at braveloveblog.com has created another prompt list for this years blogtember challenge!

You can read more about the challenge here -> braveloveblog.com/2015/08/the-2015-blog-tember-challenge.html
and if you werent around last year, or simply never got around to reading my posts from the 2014 challenge you can do so here.

And now....shall we get into the first prompt?

Sept. 1: Introduce yourself however you like! Pics, vlog, collage, your choice :) 

Ideally I would be doing a video introduction, as I find talking on camera way way easier than typing about myself, however I wouldn't wish the sight of under-the-weather me on anyone. 

Hello, I'm Hannah.
I'm 18, 19 in October, and notoriously bad at writing about myself.

I enjoy a wide variety of things including; wigs, makeup, desserts, cameras, castles and long walks on the beach (hypothetically).

I have a chronic illness that goes by the name of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and occasionally write posts about it, you can search for them here -> http://www.hanayas.co.uk/search/label/ME
I was diagnosed with it in 2010. Its not the greatest thing in the world, but i'd like to think I make it work- as much as you can make an incurable and disabling illness work haha
However I dont want to be known as 'that sick person' unless by sick you mean cool. I would very much so like to be known as 'that cool person'.

I like glitter and bats and doughnuts and cookies and Fii and Chantel and complaining about tvshows on twitter and taking pictures of castles and uploading those photos of said castles onto instagram and spending way too much money on clothes and going out to lunch, especially when the people I go to lunch with let me have dessert.

I really like desserts. especially brownies and icecream omg
and crêpes

I also really like reading, my room is overflowing with books and so now I have to use a kindle, which is really kinda fab!?? I also like the word fab, and rad. and vanilla perfume..
I try my best to be as positive as possible.

If I had to pick one gif to be me it would be

and with that I am not quite sure how to end this.
Have a nice day, as always, and thankyou for reading!!


 ps. a section of this was copied from my 'about me' page but... uh....... I wont tell if u dont ;)

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