Behind the blogs name | #Blogtember 2015

Sept. 7: Tell us about your blog name. Where did it come from?

My blogs current name is hanayas, and I wish I had an amazing story behind it but unfortunately I don’t. As with most of my usernames I just typed letters until I liked how it looked.

That is literally it.
Well, thats the last three letters of it. The first four come from the fact that my name is hannah. 
Maybe it was a subconscious yas = over enthusiastic yes = hana yes 

I literally have no idea hahaha

I recently changed my social media usernames to hxanou and I’ve been considering changing my blog name to that too. Again, it has no meaning (apart from the han bit) but its not taken on any sites unlike this one so?

ps. 1 month till my bday 

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I currently have a giveaway going on to celebrate two years of blogging! 



  1. September 7, 2015 / 11:27 am

    Happy EARLY birthday! I will be doing a vlog challenge in October as well I hope you will join us then as well I would love to see more of you……. actually I thought of the song "I have no bananas today" when I saw your blog name! Not sure why….then I thought maybe she's from Havana……hhmmmm… would be interesting to ask others what they think when they see your blog name and where they think it stems from! No?!?!?!

    • hannah
      September 18, 2015 / 3:00 pm

      Thankyooooooooou!! I didnt know there was one in October too? I might have to have a look….
      thats such a good idea!might have to do that, thanks ♡

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