Sept. 29: Write your own list of 10 blog topics to inspire us next month.

This is one of the reasons I was so so happy to get a head start at the blogtember posts. One of the reasons my posting is so bad is that I often run out of ideas of what to post.... Like really! This is one of my biggest issues.  

So I have been writing down topics whenever I think of them and here they are!

 Best charity shop / second hand purchases

 Things you do in your spare time

 Things that make you happy 

 Favourite Etsy shops 

 Interview another blogger  (I'm always available 😉)

 11 facts about yourself 

 Favourite instagram accounts (this works for any social media! facebook, tumblr, twitter....)

 Room tour (bedroom/office/living/whichever)

 Your wishlist

 Make a playlist of your favourite songs

and there is 10 blog post topics! I hope theyre helpful, even if only a little bit! Like I said, these are posts i've been planning on doing so dont be surprised if you see a few of these pop up here once blogtember is over! haha

Have a lovely day!

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