Etude House – Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion & Baby Choux Base

Hello! After a little while of deciding if I really needed any more makeup (of course I do !) I made a small order from Etude House. Luckily they have an international website so it was really straight forward. I have previously bought some Etude House products from eBay however its just a whole lot easier to order from them.

(unless the items you want are out of stock) 

*picture heavy post*

The first item I got was Precious Mineral MOIST Any Cushion in Light Beige $18. I had been wanting to try this out for soooooooo long but never went for it. I chose the lightest shade possible.

As far as I know we don’t have any foundation/bb creams like this in the UK. It reminds me a lot of pressed powder – however its a liquid.

Inside the compact you have a mirror, the puff (which is designed to be non-absorbent), a piece of plastic to separate the puff from the bb cream and then the bb cream itself. To get the product out you have to press onto the sponge- pretty simple stuff.

As I said before, I got the lightest shade and I am so happy that I did! I have pretty pale skin so I’m used to my face not matching the rest of me but I feel like this matches pretty well! And even better than that- it feels nice too!

I wore it for a whole day during the heat wave and it didn’t feel sticky like liquid foundation/bb creams usually do! (thats usually why I stick to powder foundation in the summer.) 

Add that with the fact that its easy to just chuck in your bag and re-touch as needed and its pretty much perfect! 

Oh and once you run out of product you can just buy a re-fill (at $10) and reuse the case!

The second item I got was Baby Choux Base in 2 Berry Shoux $11. Its a….primer? idk. That is what I have been using it for. Shoot me if I’m wrong. 

I got the pinkish one because I use Maybelline NYs Baby Skin primer in Cool Rose and figured that is the colour that works for me.

and yeah, its nice! 

Once applied its pretty sheer (hence the bad picture…….i’m not good at taking photos of nearly invisible things) and much like the Maybelline NY primer it makes me look much more alive than I usually look- which is a good thing.

However unlike the Mayelline NY one- this one actually smells nice! and not like groosss chemicals. In fact so does the other product! Even my mum commented on how nice they smelt (after I was all “look! look! new makeup! look!!!” )

As part of one of their events that was going on I also got a <Free Gift> in the form of a Best sellers Discovery Kit #2 $0. It is just a whole bunch of samples.

Which I guess could come in handy?

Im excited to try all of them! Its always fun to try new things!

(guess who forgot to take a photo of just the samples)

Shipping & Handling was $12.28- which isnt that bad! I created my order 22 June 2015 and it arrived 2nd July 2015 with no custom fees. Just over a week! 

Thankyou for reading, and yet again I’m sorry for the lack of posts- same excuse as last time. 

Have a great day!


ps. The Any Cushion is SPF 50+ and the Baby Choux Base is SPF 30+ 

How cool?? Perfect for summer right!?!)

pps. While writing this I may or may not have made another order >//<



  1. July 11, 2015 / 10:52 pm

    The only cushion compact that's made it to the UK is Lancome (at ridic prices)~ but that was pretty recent and totally overhyped. (Because, come on, seriously, it's been in Asia for the last 4+ years…) The baby choux is a primer-type thing, most of the girls in store describe it as a primer, some use it as a very light base (but they had very good skin so). The samples you got are really good ahh!! I'd say be careful with the baking powder cleanser since it can be quite abrasive on sensitive skin 🙂 I've been wanting to try face blur for aaaaaages to see if it's better than the Maybelline baby skin, so PLEASEU TO BE LETTING ME KNOW HOW U GET ON WITH THAT ONE :DD

    great choices all round yay etude house!!


  2. August 30, 2015 / 8:22 pm

    Such a cool haul you've had from Etude house, I cannot wait to get some money so I can do the same 😀 xx

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