Chirk Castle & Gardens

A couple of months ago me and a friend decided to go on a day trip to Wales.
Living in the East-Midlands its not the hardest task in the world but not as easy as if we lived in W-M.
As we both really love castles, and Wales has about five billion of them, we decided to just pick one and go with it.

Chirk Castle was the lucky one- Its a National Trust place so as a member I get free entry…yay! At about a 2hr30 drive (when not including motorways) it was the perfect distance for a day trip.
(and I heard they had a used book shop…)

I went with the intention of filming an outfit video and taking lots of photos to show you the castle and the gardens, however once there.. I forgot.
I filmed a bit of shakey video while exploring the castle (and getting my months worth of exercise walking up and down those old old old stairs) but mostly I just took mental photos and enjoyed walking around/pretending to be a princess…

Once in the Gardens I changed out of my heels and into more appropriate footwear (don’t ask me why it took me so long to do so) and took around about two hundred photos of the plants.

I was probably walking around with star filled eyes or something because I was snapping up photos of plants like my fb friends at Christmas 2011…and Im not really one for plants.
Maybe I was just making up for taking exactly 0 photos that were not selfies inside the castle??who knows

The gardens were really pretty though, and so big! You could really spend at least a couple hours exploring the whole entire lot. As we had already walked around the castle and I had driven there (and I do try to be a teeny bit sensible when it comes to managing my energy) we didn’t walk around too much.

These IRL were the same size, if not bigger, than my head. Like giant cherry blossoms.. amazing.

If you’re looking to leave the country but don’t want to delve too far into Wales then Chirk Castle would be perfect for you! Theres also the added bonus of alliteration….and that if you’re 8 you might think it sounds funny >.> 

Here is the video that I kinda threw together with some clips I got, I hope you don’t hate it.

Thankyou for reading,
oh and let me know what u think of this layout

ps. we also did a vlog but I didnt want to put vlog in the title so you can view it here->
Watch as we go from 90% energy to -20%. Fun for all the family.


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