Hello! Today I am sharing with you the main reason as to why I have been complaining about having no money recently.
I found out how to order from Tokyo Kawaii Life- aka Liz Lisas online store.

I already had a Tenso address so it was quite simple, all I did was follow Emiiichans blog post ->  http://emiiichan.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/how-to-order-from-liz-lisa-and-tokyo.html

est timeline:
On 14/04/2015 I made the order at Tokyo Kawaii Life
On 18/04/2015 It arrived at my Tenso Address
On 20/04/2015 Tenso shipped
On 23/04/2015 it arrived to me with no custom charges!!

Here is a video I made showing you the items -> 
But if you would prefer to see pictures...keep on reading.

I got a novelty! A novelty is a free item that gets added to your order every now and then. Liz Lisa actually do their own mini magazine each season which states the novelty per week/month however I don't live in Japan and so have never gotten one of those magazines. I suppose I could look online but-..effort

It is a little makeup bag! Fluffy and pink and cute!

The first item I bought is from the Liz Lisa x My Melody collection and is a bag/key charm. 
I've wanted one of these for ages but the second hand ones are always in really bad quality. It was ¥3,456 which is pretty pricey for a bag/key charm, but it is really cute and I did really want to get it. There were a couple of designs and although when I was making my order they were both in stock when I checked a couple days later only the one I had bought was still in stock.
I guess I have bad choice huh?

The second item was a happy bag! Inside it said it had three items of clothing and for only ¥5,400 I figured it would be hard to go wrong.
The bag itself is quite a nice bag. I used it as an over-night bag when I went to Wales with a couple friends and it served its purpose quite nicely.

The first item I got from the bag is this top.
 and to be honest- I don't really like it!
Its a heavy thick material with a big collar and a strange beige-y colour ... oh and there is a LOT of details!! Its really not my thing at all. :(

The second item is this suspender skirt. The suspenders are detachable- which I'm happy about.
Things I like about this item: Its high-waisted. Has an underlayer.
Things I don't really like about this item: The colours.
eh you can't win everything.

The last item .... is this dress! I saved the best for last!!
It is this sleeveless pastel floral high neck dress, which seems to be made out of a jean type material?
Honestly when I saw this it was instant love.
Also I had just watched Fresh off the boat and was like "oh this is a Jessica dress for sure"

I made a small order because it was my first time using this website and I didn't want to write the address wrong and have my package get lost in Japan...and have it worth lots of money.

Which was your favourite item? and what should I do with the keyring? Bag or house/car keys??

Thankyou for reading!