Tokyo Kawaii Life – Order #1

Hello! Today I am sharing with you the main reason as to why I have been complaining about having no money recently.
I found out how to order from Tokyo Kawaii Life- aka Liz Lisas online store.

I already had a Tenso address so it was quite simple, all I did was follow Emiiichans blog post ->

est timeline:
On 14/04/2015 I made the order at Tokyo Kawaii Life
On 18/04/2015 It arrived at my Tenso Address
On 20/04/2015 Tenso shipped
On 23/04/2015 it arrived to me with no custom charges!!

Here is a video I made showing you the items -> 

But if you would prefer to see pictures…keep on reading.

I got a novelty! A novelty is a free item that gets added to your order every now and then. Liz Lisa actually do their own mini magazine each season which states the novelty per week/month however I don’t live in Japan and so have never gotten one of those magazines. I suppose I could look online but-..effort

It is a little makeup bag! Fluffy and pink and cute!

The first item I bought is from the Liz Lisa x My Melody collection and is a bag/key charm. 

I’ve wanted one of these for ages but the second hand ones are always in really bad quality. It was ¥3,456 which is pretty pricey for a bag/key charm, but it is really cute and I did really want to get it. There were a couple of designs and although when I was making my order they were both in stock when I checked a couple days later only the one I had bought was still in stock.
I guess I have bad choice huh?

The second item was a happy bag! Inside it said it had three items of clothing and for only ¥5,400 I figured it would be hard to go wrong.

The bag itself is quite a nice bag. I used it as an over-night bag when I went to Wales with a couple friends and it served its purpose quite nicely.

The first item I got from the bag is this top.

 and to be honest- I don’t really like it!
Its a heavy thick material with a big collar and a strange beige-y colour … oh and there is a LOT of details!! Its really not my thing at all. 🙁

The second item is this suspender skirt. The suspenders are detachable- which I’m happy about.

Things I like about this item: Its high-waisted. Has an underlayer.
Things I don’t really like about this item: The colours.
eh you can’t win everything.

The last item …. is this dress! I saved the best for last!!

It is this sleeveless pastel floral high neck dress, which seems to be made out of a jean type material?
Honestly when I saw this it was instant love.
Also I had just watched Fresh off the boat and was like “oh this is a Jessica dress for sure”

I made a small order because it was my first time using this website and I didn’t want to write the address wrong and have my package get lost in Japan…and have it worth lots of money.

Which was your favourite item? and what should I do with the keyring? Bag or house/car keys??

Thankyou for reading!



  1. May 24, 2015 / 2:07 pm

    Oooh I've always wondered how you can buy things from there… I'm so bad when it comes to shopping services and tenso, it sounds so confusing!
    The items you bought are lovely <3 I really like the colours on the suspender skirt, but I can imagine it being hard to coordinate with colours other than cream and that certain shade of blue haha.

    • hannah
      June 4, 2015 / 11:01 pm

      oh gosh I am too! Without the guide I would have been completely useless ^^;
      and thankyou, I got lucky with what I got! I dont have anything similar to the suspender skirt so its going to be interesting to coordinate! haha

  2. May 24, 2015 / 3:45 pm

    LIZ LISAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I like the suspender skirt, actually, I really really really really really adore that type of skirt and I'm not at all eyeing up 3. Nope. I agree that the colours are a bit weird but the pattern is cute and I hope you find you wear it more than you thought. The blouse is… um. Yeah I agree with you 100% on the blouse. And I'd def pick that keychain colourway so we'll just sit with our bad taste together. <3 Penniless.
    Fii || little miss fii

    • hannah
      June 4, 2015 / 11:04 pm

      The skirt has definitely made its way from something I'm not sure about to something I kinda like…..but shoessss! I need to get some shoes to make a full coordinate >/< (I own one pair of shoes that arent chunky black heels and they arent a colour that will match the skirt)

      yay I still think this keychain was the cutest! glad you think so too ^^

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