Spooky Eyes Contact lenses – Spin Blue

As a person with not very good eyesight I have been on and off wearing contact lenses since I was 13 years old. I really like them. For the past few years I have been getting yearly disposable circle lenses in many different colours.
Last years were blue with a slight hint of violet- in most cases they make the iris look larger and your eyes look more awesome.

Spooky Eyes is an online shop that has a huge selection of coloured contact lenses and they let me pick a pair of lenses to do a review on. I chose a pair in the colour Spin Blue* as they design looked interesting and to be honest, I’m not that adventurous when it comes to contacts. I either have blue or blue with the hint of another colour… Unfortunately they don’t seem to do prescription lenses but for those of you with good vision, or only have to wear glasses on certain occasions, that wont really matter that much.

Spin Blue Contact Lenses

I can’t be 100% sure on the time it took to arrive however on the letter inside it said that the shipping method was 7-14 working days, so I am guessing 2nd Class. They arrived in a bubble envelope, inside that was a letter and the box of contacts.

I really like the packaging of the contacts. Instead of including unnecessary pieces of paper the instructions for use are actually on the inside of the box.

The pattern is really vibrant. Even in the packaging I could tell that the design would really show up well on my eyes, and to be honest they probably would on brown eyes too. 

None in
One contact in
Both contacts in
Both contacts in

The design is definitely my most favourite thing about these lenses, its so vivid- even in b&w photos I took you could still see it! I think I’ve said this before but I’m really happy that I chose this design.

They weren’t the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn, but they were definitely not the least. I could probably wear them a good 4/5 or so hours before needing to take them out.

As for the enlargement, these aren’t sold as ‘circle lenses’ – though at 14.2mm I was expecting them to make my eyes look a little bigger, and do do that! Not the biggest lenses I’ve ever worn but its really not a deal breaker for me. My days of wanting to be Dakota Rose are over hahaha

or are they

I really like these lenses, if not for the fact that they aren’t prescription and I kinda need to wear my glasses almost all the time then I would wear them every time I bothered to put makeup on. Spooky Eyes offers a wide range of contact lenses of all different colours and designs so if you are looking to change up your image or are considering cosplaying or maybe even planning your halloween costume very very early…. You should consider looking at their website.

and hey, they have free shipping. Everyone loves free shipping right?

As always I’ve also done a mini video to show you the contacts irl->

I’m really excited to see how they will look with more extravagant makeup.
thank you for reading,
have a lovely day

ps. I edited out my spots…..it was necessary considering the close up shots needed soz


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