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Hi lovely readers of Hanayas! I am Olivia Jade from Dungarees & Donuts and the lovely Hannah, has let me guest post on her amazingly cute blog today! Me and Hannah have been friends since I started blogging and we started out as pen pals *aw cuuuute* she’s such a sweetie.

I decided to share a post about my recent trip to boots and the goodies that I picked up whilst I was there, I hope you enjoy the post and I hope to be here posting again sooooon!

Has it ever happened to anyone when they’re just walking past and boots and happen to ‘fall in’ and buy some products which you probably didn’t need or shouldn’t of spent the money on, but they were too good to resist. Well this happened to me, I was on lunch and randomly ended up in Boots. At first I went for the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, I’ve heard so many good things about this product but I could never find one in my shade which wasn’t covered in it or already been used. I finally managed to get my hands on this beauty and wasn’t going to let go!

 Secondly I spotted Rimmel I was looking at the eyeliners as it is actually something that I do need, I am yet to try this but the tip looks great and easy to apply so I had to make a cheeky purchase! I was drawn to the mascara and it’s SO pink and looked so good, and after looking at their brush and feeling like adding a new mascara to my collection I decided to go for this, I have previously tried the Scandal eyes mascaras and loved them so I thought it was well worth a try. Finally when in the queue this foundation came to light, it was the new foundation by L’oreal called Infallible, I decided just purchase it after reading recent reviews of it and hearing how fabulous and great it feels.

What products have you picked up lately? 


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