Hello, so if there is something I like more than clothes that would be accessories.
A little while ago I made an order from eyecandy.storenvy.com - its by Emilia @ Pastelbat.tumblr.com

If I had unlimited money I would have gotten way way more but I didn't so I had to compromise;;

I have been wanting to order form here for quite a while! However there has never been anything that I just had to have.... until I saw this necklace on Emilias Instagram. ->
Boys Tears Necklace - $25.2
There are four colours available and unfortunately I could only afford...2. The chain is cute, its handmade and tbh it just makes me laugh. soz

The next item is something I have wanted to get FOR AGES!! But its so hard to find ones that aren't too overpriced and not sold out here.
Middle Sized White PomPom Earrings - $8.1
PomPom earrings started showing up in Tokyo street fashion snaps so long ago I can't think. Every pair I could find online were like £25-30 and that coupled with pictures of them being sold in Harajuku for ¥300 made me wanna cry.
Anyway, I got these, finally! In fact I got two as my friend also wanted a pair!

When I went to buy them all but one were sold out but I tweeted Emilia and she said shed make another pair! Score!
I do wish I had gotten the Large though.
Next time Next time...

Next item is for my friend too... Sailor Moon Keychain - $4.5
 I don't know anything about Sailor Moon so...

..moving on.....

The last item is
Don't Touch Me Pin - $16.2
There are so many pins that I wanted to get but I couldn't afford them all, so I picked this one. It suits me quite well I think..
I have many outfits that this would get along nicely with.

10/10 for everything. Go EyeCandy!

As always I also made a short video ->

Thankyou for reading, which is your fave item?