That youtube thing

Hello! How is your Easter holidays going?
I have some news for you!
I have been debating this for a while and I have decided to start making more videos!!

I have been on and off youtube since I was 13! That is SIX years! Which is so weird to think about!!
As for which channel (of the many that I have) I have decided to use… well… I have decided to split my videos up. I dont know about your brain but in mind it just makes so much more sense for things to stay separate.
and so with that, I am going to introduce you to my youtube channels – – – – >

My Main Channel will be
It doesnt have a name yet as you cant set one until you reach 500subs these days??
It will focus on one of my favourite things which is clothes and makeup- trying to bring my tumblr to life! I use tumblr as a mood board and it will just be so fun to make videos that carry along that theme.
I will talk on those videos.

I will then keep the applesandhanana channel for videos that will aid my blog posts, as I have done since last November.

and then the most exciting thing.. for me at least.. I am going to be using a very old channel of mine to upload vlogs!
I made this channel in Dec 2010 and left it a few years later as I was bored of the username. I enjoy filming things with my friends, however most of the time they dont fit into any specific topic.
Think of this channel as my ‘anything’ channel. But mostly vlogs lol

Im doing this because I enjoy making videos. I wont have an upload schedule, videos will simply be uploaded as and when I film and edit them.
I hope you enjoy them, and even if you dont subscribe dont worry- Ill be making blog posts for each one 😊

Thankyou for reading!

ps. Made a video 😉


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