Strawberry Skies Review

A very long time ago I made an order from Strawberry Skies. A couple of pre-order items and a few accessories. It arrived a couple of days after Valentines Day and I remember this because I had forgotten all about it and had the crazy thought to think that I might have gotten a late Valentines day gift. ha

This is a review of the items I recieved.

est timeline:
On 19/01/2015 I made the order.
On 17/02/2015 I received the package. 

This is a picture heavy post so beware.

The packaging was so cute! I keep mentioning this because it was unexpected. The items came all the way from Japan and so I expected them to turn up in a black mailing bag haha

Accessories first!

RTS – Heartache Earrings ($13). I originally went to this shop to order a skirt however as soon as these caught my eyes I knew I had to have a look at everything else they had to offer.

I love stuff like this!!! They are a pink syringe filled with a little bit of glitter. Not heavy at all which is not what I was expecting! First item down and Im already in love.

The next is a pair of Gingham Hair Ribbons ($10). I admit, I was little bit gingham crazy and tbh I still am.

They were so cute and inexpensive that I just had to get them! The clip is a snap clip (legit name, I googled it!) and they make really nice hair accessories.

Next up is Starlight Soft Choker ($12). I also really like fluffy things…….. hey impulse purchases don’t need a reason ok!

There isn’t much else I can say about this really. Its a fluffy choker and I really like it.

Last but not least of the accessories is ….. Darling Bow ($5).

I got it bc pink and it did not let me down!

Onto clothes ->
The item that I was most excited about was the Pink Gingham Skirt ($50). It was one of the ‘preorder’ items and I also got the matching Gingham Headband ($15).

It is a really good length (something I was worried about) and lined! This makes spinning in it super fun as it goes “wooosh!”

I got a size S and I can’t remember if there was an XS but if there was then I probably should have gotten that. It is a teeeny bit too big around my waist which makes it sit at my hips rather than my waist (duh) but most skirts that aren’t elastic sit like this on me so I don’t mind at all!
I had so much fun twirling around in this I barely got any non blurry photos;^;;

and the other pre-order item was the Daisy Apron ($17).

A sheer item that I can layer on top of skirts for added pink?? Yes please!

Its just a really simple apron..shape..type thing. I wouldn’t recommend actually cooking it in if you are messy (like I am) bc it wouldn’t stop the clothes underneath from getting stuff on them haha

And thats it!
Shipping for all of this cost only $12!!!!! From Japan to UK!!!!!!!!!!! Ive paid more shipping for a necklace from Europe haha

I have also done a video review ->

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I hope you have a lovely day!




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