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Hi, so a few of you know that I like a few ‘alternative’ styles such as lolita.

I use my tumblr as a mood board of sorts for these styles.

While browsing the comm sales I saw a reasonably priced JSK that would be perfect for spring/summer. and while it wasn’t one of my dream dresses I decided to just go for it and buy it.
Which is what this blog post is about.. I got a new piece to add to my wardrobe!

Because the comm sales is a second hand thing and you never buy from the same person twice I can’t really do an in-depth review on the communication/ shipping/ packaging. Though the seller was very nice.

One really annoying thing about my lack of googling skills is that I can’t find the actual name of this JSK. It just seems to be called… the sailor JSK.

Five points for anyone who can guess why 😉

It is a very simple JSK. Light blue with lace around the edge and a couple stripes around the bottom of it. Take my right to wear this style away from me if u must as I do not know the proper terminology. Ive only been into this style what.. like.. 4 years??

I made an error while taking photos and wore tooooooo many petticoats >.< I know! Who thought that could ever happen haha

Just ignore it okay?

I also made a video, however, I am not 100% happy with how it turned out. Im still working on talking in videos- its harder than it looks! Especially when you have to stick to a topic!


That marks the first video on ma main channel 🙂

Thanku for reading (and hopefully watching!)

I would appreciate any tips you have on how to make my vids better!!


ps. It comes in a few other colourways and I am definitely interested in getting them if you have them & are willing to sell/trade 


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  1. April 23, 2015 / 8:52 pm

    oH MY GOSH HOW CUTE. I'm super loving nautical things at the moment and this is so precious! Love the colour <3 (we can sailor twin. oh boy)

    little miss fii || Fii x

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