Secondhand Gyaru Haul

I buy a lot of stuff second hand, because well… I have so many clothes they only get worn once or twice before I get bored of them.
It makes sense really.

Fast fashion. ykno.

(Though there are a pair of Liz Lisa shoes I am contemplating buying……£60 for shoes?..not including SS fees and shipping… thats reasonable right?)

This is a recent purchase I made from the comm sales->

The person shipped from Japan and for some reason included a shopping bag and a pair of false eyelashes.. along with a note! I like notes.

This first item I saw and the first thing that came to my mind was Spring! I don’t have many light coloured things and it wasn’t too much so it was a ‘why not’ purchase.

 Pink Gingham looks good on anyone. and this dress is cute. win win.

The next item is something that I was going to purchase anyway from a highstreet store as (blue) denim has been in a lot of magazines recently..

 Im not a huge fan of dungarees, they remind me of builders? But these are ‘cute for dungarees’

 This was another “oh! this would be good for spring” purchase…

I don’t have a lot of coats. I have a rain mac type coat that used to be my moms, a bubble coat from EMODA and a white fabric coat from LizLisa and so I thought having a different kind of coat could be useful.
Ive been told by my doc I need to start wearing coats because.. I have a habit of never wearing coats… >.>;

So that was my mid-week splurge! Which item did you like best? If any…

I also made a video ->

Thankyou for reading!


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