HVV Mood Box – March

Box 6/6.

The delivery…

A quick timeline-
On 23/03/2015 I got an email letting me know it had been dispatch
On 08/04/2015 I got a letter from ParcelForce telling me I had to pay customs charges. I payed straight away. 
On 08/04/2015 I received the package. 

This is what I chose for the month of March->

I clicked ‘Surprise Me!’ for each option I was able to and chose Street Chic for my mood… Ever since LFW Ive been really enjoying street fashion.

This is what I received ->

My box was held at customs AGAIN and delivered…..falling apart x.x Why oh why royal mail do u let me down like this 💔

I got a really cool shaped blue bag (perfect for summer? um yh!), a lovely shiny necklace and a tester (/travel) size of in-shower body moisturiser from Nivea. Also two passes for a gym/spa in Singapore. thx hvv x

I felt a little bit let down as I dont live in Singapore but to the best of my knowledge all of the little things are the same in every box…and as most of their customers are in Singapore. It makes sense.

For a top I got this very zippy white jacket (!!) Its something I could see my friend Gail wearing more than me.. but I’m certainly going to give it a try.

For the last item you have to know that my apology is sincere when I say I am so sorry for all the animal hair on it. It was hard to take a photo of without lying it down on my bed and I stupidly used the top duvet which my pets sit on…..and its the most static piece of clothing I have ever known to exist so..yeah 😳

The last time is a very long black sheer skirt with a split on one side and where you would expect to find a shorter opaque skirt however with this one, theres shorts. Which kinda makes this a really long skort…..kinda? right?
Its cool but very static x.x Im not sure if I want to wear something that picks up every piece of fluff in a 50 mile radius.

and that is the contents of my last HVV Mood Box.
Dont worry though!
Its not the last of my series!!- Im planning to do a conclusion type post with everything I recieved and outfits I ended up making with the clothes I got ♡

(mostly to make up for my last of outfit photos these past few months

well I hope you liked this post!
Thanks for reading ♡

ps. this makes me a little sad


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