Who am I?

This is something I wonder quite a lot.
When unwell its not hard to lose your identity, its not easy to keep it either.
You, for lack of better words, become your illness. You become the pain, the tiredness, the isolation.

When it comes to recovering you find it hard to become who you were before.

Its not that my interests have changed since the beginning of January, but rather my priorities. I think. Im not sure if I’m completely honest. I have to tell myself that though to make it okay in my mind for the lack of posts. For the lack of doing… anything.

I don’t know which direction I want to take in life. Hell, I don’t even know what direction I want to take for next week.

I feel like I’m wasting my life. Everyone is doing so much with theirs. My little brother will be starting his GCSEs in September. I don’t know how I got like this.
In actuality I’m nothing. Going nowhere. Destined to do nothing. Existing.

In other news last week I got diagnosed with – , told I possibly have an – and -.
I feel like a Pokémon trainer- except I’m not collecting Pokémon, I’m collecting medical conditions. Its not very fun if I’m honest.


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