HVV Mood Box – January

-small hiatus due to being unwell, but I can’t not post this-

January HVV Mood Box. Box 4/6.

This time the delivery took F O R E V E R
It was caught by customs, which is strange as it hadn’t happened before with any of the others. My friend, Gail @ lifeofgailypi.blogspot.co.uk, also got a customs charge this time…. hmmm

A quick timeline-
On 26/01/2015 I got an email letting me know it had been dispatch
On 03/02/2015 I got a letter from ParcelForce telling me I had to pay customs charges. I payed straight away. My mom scheduled the delivery for the 6th.
On 06/02/2015 I received the package. 

This is what I chose for the month of January->

This is what I received ->

I assume that the box had been opened at the border as it arrived very bashed and all of the usual tape was gone and replaced with brown packing tape <3 oh how lovely.
I dont mind paying custom fees, I just wish that they were a little less heavy handed.
Everything inside had clearing been moved too.

I had, of course, taken them all out and rearranged before taking an in-the-box photo…

I got a black skirt, similar to the one from December. I havent tried it on but I assume it fits the same way.

A very short white halter-neck dress.

Shiny bag.

Rose gold, sparkly, spikey necklace.

and a pack of Belif samples (different to last time), small Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara and small Benefit Posie Balm.

Quite funny really as the exact same day that this box arrived my mom came home with the latest copy of Elle which had the new Benefit mascara in (sample size just like this one ofc). Ive never tried either as im suuuper picky with mascaras.

Maybe Ill do a comparison test??

Overall I really like the halterneck dress, necklace and bag! Im not too fond of the skirt but im sure I can find something to do with it.

Sorry for the mobile phone pictures and lack of words…..I think my head is in the process of either falling off or exploding.

Oh the perks of my illness, do they never stop.

Thanks for reading! 

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If you are interested in getting a mood box you can read more here -> hervelvetvase.com/mood-box <- there are options for one off boxes or monthy boxes starting from S$50 to S$95 !


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