In the last quarter of the year I took part in The Bloggers Snail Mail, which is a quarterly gift exchange where you can meet bloggers from around the world and spread a bit of positivity and is ran by Gemma from Lipsticks&Lashes.
If you want to read more you can do so here -> http://lipsticksandlashes.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/the-winter-bloggers-snail-mail-sign-ups.html

I was partnered up with Kiana, from teeninthetwentyfirst, who is from Bristol!

We spent a good few weeks exchanging emails (most of it was me taking forever to reply though x.x sorry! again!!) and before I knew it Christmas had come and gone and it was the 29th and that was the date to send our little gifts by!

and the very next day (the postman must have been feeling productive) I got a small envelope through the post box!

Inside there was a choker and a pair of false eyelashes. I couldnt believe it! Two of my favourite things!!

And then the very next day I got a card!
(though you can probably tell that from the change in lighting)
(I dont know why I didnt take all the photos in the same day)

Its been lovely talking to Kiana, email is sort of a lost art these days…. what with IM replacing it and all that.
I just like letters. Emails are written more like letter than IM or tweets etc..

so a big thankyou to Gemma for organising #thebloggerssnailmail and to Kiana for being my partner and somehow sending me things that I definitely have a use for!

I hope the postman has finally delivered yours!

You can find Kiana at her blog – teeninthetwentyfirst.blogspot.co.uk
Bloglovin – bloglovin.com/blog/12937165
and Twitter – twitter.com/Kiana_West

thanks for reading,


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