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Christmas has just passed and for the entire month of December I wasnt really feeling it. There was no Christmas cheer and I made no effort to write Christmas cards or think up idea for presents. Luckily, back in November I had actually planned everything! (All I had to do was make the orders).

One thing I love to do when choosing presents is to try to make them personal. Theres nothing I hate more than getting a bar of soap from a friend I’ve known for 4+ years.. Well, not hate, but dislike. The same goes for giving. Unless I am 100% sure that that friend would enjoy that bar of soap I would rather get them something completely stupid that would make them smile for a bit.

Everyones always sharing that post on tumblr about how they love it when people say ‘I saw this and I thought of you’ and so I try to make that a running theme in my presents. (For my friends 18th birthday I got them a gift that Id seen and thought of them and added a huge letter trying to explain why and they told me they really liked it…so…..yeah)

After picking the gift you have the very important job of wrapping it! and I always go all-out. Referencing the gift I mentioned above, I went very ‘retro’ … brown paper, string etc
and I told them in their card that they were getting very old and probably remembered when everything was wrapped like that… >.>

So way back in November I happened to find i am a – London. A stationary gift store.
They have lots of really cool things including- tote bags, pencils, pin badges, postcards with pinbadges, notebooks and gift boxes!

I suddenly had an idea for the packaging of a couple of my friends presents and bookmarked the pages to order at a later date.

On the 16th of December I made my order, I decided to get two Alphabet Badge Gift Cards and two Metallic Pic N’ Mix Graphics Badge. I made sure to ask them to package it carefully as sometimes if we aren’t home our postman throws the thing over the back garden gate……. I normally add this to everything I buy but rarely do the people do anything.

My order was shipped on the 18th and I received this email ->

and then the very next day I received a very squishy package!

There was this huge mailing packet and inside a bunch of foam peanuts (that is apparently the technical term, thanku gooogle). There was also a box. Inside this box there were three envelopes wrapped in tissue paper.
It was like I had planned the packing myself! …except neater

Now that is really good packaging.

This is what I received ->

Alphabet Badge Gift Cards £3.50

I love the idea of these! Its a gift tag – a badge – and the letter of the persons first name all in one

As you can probably tell, I live a very exciting life- so much so that I was very happy to find out this existed…

Metallic Pic N’ Mix Graphics Badge £1.39

Sure they have a long name and sure I had no real reason to get these

(other than my small impulse purchase problem)

I was looking at everything on the website and I saw they did a bat badge and I just couldnt help myself! Also the apple was cute. A cute apple. How could I not get it…

I didnt order these.. so you could imagine my surprise when there were three packets in the box.

I very almost bought some pencils! My favourite were the English Slang ones.. In the end I decided not to purely because I was already getting the bat badge and .. I do have some self control

I love stationary and Bourbon biscuits so 

thankyou for the pencil (and badges) ?

Before I end this post can I just say one more time that I love the packaging?? From the extra tape and bubbles to the box and the envelopes sealed with stickers!!
and everything is happy themed!!
Smiles and Happiness and more smiles!!!

I really like it.

Anyway, thankyou for reading. 

I wrote a lot, even though I didnt really mean to.



This is how the backs of the pin badges look.


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