HVV Mood Box – December

Today I have a review for you and I just really want to quickly write that this is not sponsored at all! Upon finding out that this item existed I googled it and was met with soooooooo many sponsored reviews, and sometimes that can be a little disheartening. Not that sponsored reviews are untrustworthy! Just that sometimes non sponsored can be nice to read too!

Im really excited to be writing this because this is something im really excited about! I hope you enjoy the series!


This month the things I chose for my mood box were ->

I wasnt quite sure what I wanted but I did know that I wanted something I could wear for Christmas. Every year my grandparents host a big family get together and I always end up fretting not knowing what to wear at the last moment.
This year I was determined to be prepared.

My mood box arrived on the 23rd December 2014! Perfect timing!

This is what I received->

This month, instead of getting two items to make one outfit like I have in past boxes I got a romper and a skirt. As usual there was also the little extras, I found myself really intrigued by the Belif creams.. tempted to do a post on them.

And because it was December there was also a Christmassy headband! Which I put on straight away and took a photo to tweet…

At first glance I really liked both items! 

The skirt is this lovely shade of red and has all of these details that makes me think of old curtains! Unfortunately once on my body this skirt doesnt want to look as pretty. It has an odd shape to it and it doesnt suit my body (in my opinion).

The romper is lovely! Its white with lace around the edge of the shorts and little details. It has a zip on the back which goes down quite far as so in a magical kinda of way… it actually fits everywhere!

I love the straps! I love wearing this just to lounge about at home during the day… especially in this weather! Its freezing cold outfit but inside a little too warm for jumpers and pyjamas. 

The bag has been the clear favourite item in the past few boxes…however as much as I love the bag, this months favourite is the romper!!

and thats all I have for you..

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Ive been trying a few new things as obviously this wide photo thing is very different to my iphone pictures.

Oh one more thing! My friend recently purchased a Mood Box too and did a review on her blog!!
We have different tastes so you might find it interesting to see how she got along -> http://lifeofgailypi.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/why-im-in-mood.html

Thankyou for reading!!


If you are interested in getting a mood box you can read more here -> hervelvetvase.com/mood-box


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