Friend Date

The friend date. The concept is simple. You do things with your friend that would typically be considered activities you would do on a date. Ive never been on a date so my imagination only goes as far as….movies and food.

Both which are good.

Me and two of my closest friends spent the afternoon doing just that. I know a lot of people feel lost in groups of three, but with these two you really never feel like you are the odd one out. Now thats a good friendship.

I picked them up early afternoon Sunday and we went to a cafe, got some drinks and fries and broke out the 3ds’ … okay, so maybe you wouldnt do that on a date date but we are slight nintendo fanatics. 

The afternoon was filled with Mario kart, photos and lots and lots of talking. It was one of the best afternoons Ive had in a while. 

We then went into the arcade and played some arcade Mario kart, 10p machines and took even more photos.

Oh and to end the day we got some ice cream (from mcdonalds >.> ).

It really made a nice change from shopping in town or visiting each others houses.
What would you do?


I really meant to plan this post out better but I went and I forgot to charge my camera and I got a grand total of 3 pictures!! But arent they pretty pictures



  1. January 20, 2015 / 2:51 am

    your food looks so nice aa… did you edit the photo of your friend or did it just take like that? it looks nice and dreamy. Glad you had a nice time :^)

    • hannah
      January 20, 2015 / 5:46 pm

      It just looked like that! The lighting was just really odd (but nice) that day! haha

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