Boots is a very dangerous shop. You can enter for one or two things and end up leaving with many more items.
Im usually against getting people random beauty products for Christmas as they seem like really unthoughtful gifts, however this year I made an exception as one of my friends is a huge fan of Soap and Glory.
While picking out a few items for her I saw that they did an eyeliner and that part of my brain that loves impulse purchases and eyeliner told me to buy it.

and so I did.

Ive been let down by so many eyeliners in the past so I really really wanted this one to live up to its name and surprise me!

It wasnt the blackest of blacks but for a felt tip liner I felt it did a good job. You can easily go back over the line to darken the colour.
It isnt waterproof but I dont need my eyeliners to be waterproof... so

I found the tip of the felt tip (?) really useful, ive had felt tip eyeliners before and I ended up having to use two to achieve my desired look, one thin and one thick.
However with this there doesnt seem to be any need for any eyeliner other than this one.

I really like this eyeliner (hence writing a whole blog post about it) and for a felt tip I feel like it does a good job.
This is my first ever eyeliner/makeup review and I have no idea what im supposed to do so thanks for reading & I would appreciate any tips on how I could make this better!

Thanks for reading,