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Hello! Today I have a review for you and I just really want to quickly write that this is not sponsored at all! Upon finding out that this item existed I googled it and was met with soooooooo many sponsored reviews, and sometimes that can be a little disheartening. Not that sponsored reviews are untrustworthy! Just that sometimes non sponsored can be nice to read too!
Im really excited to be writing this because this is something im really excited about! 

Anyway onto my post!

About a year ago I read a blog post by a blogger who had received a mood box from Her Velvet Vase, an online clothing shop in Singapore. It instantly intrigued me. In England there are a few websites that you can get monthly boxes from, most being makeup, I have never seen a clothing one.

I quickly checked out their clothing and fell in love.. now be honest, are these the types of clothes I rave about or not?

A mood box from HVV is a gift box of items that you can subscribe to over several months, that are based on your mood of the month!
You choose which box you want to go for and after an introductory email from the HVV team all you have to do is sit back, relax and look forward to receiving your box. You will even get an email every month reminding you to make your selections to help you receive an outfit that will suit you perfectly!

Its like getting a birthday gift every month!! (Can you tell how excited I am about this concept?)

I did say I saw this box a year ago, so why am I only reviewing it now? Well .. its not cheap. I had to save up. It is decently priced but because I live in England shipping made for some extra charges… but ill get onto that later.

I picked a six-month subscription of S$100 worth of items for S$60 each.
All of the prices on the website are in Singapore Dollars, however there is a nifty button at the top of the screen which you can use to change to your currency. £48ish worth of items for £30 a month.. Thats how I rationalised it. When I go shopping with my friends I spend more than £30…..on just one dress/top/skirt.

Before we get onto the items that I received I quickly just want to talk about the shipping costs.
When checking out there was a glitch and I was only charged for the shipping of one box. These boxes are not the lightest and are coming from Singapore, so I was expecting high shipping rates but for some reason the chance that there might even be a glitch didnt register and I went through with the purchase.
Someone from the HVV team emailed me and very politely explained what had happened. Their replies were very fast and they answered every single one of my questions. They even acknowledged that the shipping costs were high and offered to combine two boxes into one to cut down on costs.

If you add the price of each mood box and the price of shipping youll find that the saving you were getting basically disappears.. which is pretty sucky if you hadnt anticipated it. However the offer of combining the boxes is very helpful and saves you £50! Im not sure if this is an option to everyone but you could always email them and ask!
I had anticipated the costs so I just payed to receive one box a month.

I made sure to ask them if the glitch had been fixed and the replied saying that they had informed their technical team and hoped to have it fixed asap!

Now onto what I recieved for the month of October!!

This is the selection that I made

You can add an image of a style you really like but at the time of updating I couldnt pick just one thing so I left it blank.

On 28/10/14 I was updated with a tracking number and told that my box had been shipped.
On 29/10/14 my mood box had arrived and I tweeted about how excited I was to open it.

No wonder the shipping cost so much! Its so fast!

*not how it looked when I opened it. In my excitement I forgot to take a photo… it actually looked a whole lot neater.

Its hard to get a good picture of a box so big.. Definitely going to be covering and reusing these boxes as storage. >.>

I received; one coat hanger, one ribbon, one black crop top, one white skater skirt, one red bag, one necklace and four beauty products/samples.

I like each item….individually. Ive been having a pretty bad month with body image and I feel like the top with the skirt shows too much of my stomach and no matter how much I try I cant seem to take a photo that I am happy with. That also explains my lack of posts in the month of October also.

My favourite item this month was the bag! 

Its a nice size! Not too big, not too small and comes with a detachable strap. It was stuffed which meant it kept its shape and I really really like the colour… which is surprising considering I usually stick to black for bags.

The skirt has so much material! I was a little disheartened when finding it as I have a very very similar one from Forever21… however this one is so much nicer! The material is so thick and shwooshy I just want to spin around in circles forever!!

The top is nice, not something that I would have picked…which is good! I want to test myself and my comfort limits with these boxes! The best thing about not completely choosing for myself is that I will get items that I wouldnt normally buy.

The detail on the front means that with a skater skirt a lot of my stomach is showing, and.. Im not the tone-est of people so personally I dont think this look is for me. However paired with a pair of super highwaisted jeans I could really see this top working.

I havent had a chance to use any of these items…but I am very interested in them and will definitely update you!

Thats all I have for you today! Id like to apologise for the lack of photos, I wanted to do a full length photo but my room is currently being moved about and so my mirror is packed away for the time being. It will definitely be back for Novembers box though! and I wont have to talk all about shipping etc, so the review will be better!
(im a bad blogger, I know)

If you are interested in getting a mood box you can read more here -> hervelvetvase.com/mood-box <- there are options for one off boxes or monthy boxes starting from S$50 to S$95 !

Thanks for reading,




  1. November 4, 2014 / 3:38 pm

    I absolutely love the little red bag. This is such a clever idea. I wonder if we have something like this in the UK!


  2. SooMoo ϟ
    November 5, 2014 / 7:27 pm

    The little red bag is adorable. The clothes are too, not my thing, but you can work them!

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